Blog Posts for Social Media Networking course at NYU:

How to Be An Improved Social Media Guide
The Multi-Faceted Ellie Goulding
Self-Harm Blogs: Encouraging or Destructive?
Instagram’s Integration of Social Media Platforms: Convenient or Manipulative?

Blog Posts for Transmedia Television course at NYU:

Celebrities and Fans Come Together on Digital Media
Giving and Receiving Good Television

The HBO Model

TV as a Social Media Event

Transmedia as a Three-Legged Stool

The “No Product Placement” Brand

Going Beneath the Surface through Transmedia

Post-Water Cooler TV Reading Response

Blog Posts on Television Trends for Business of Media course at NYU:


Final paper for Rise of Internet Media course at NYU, posted on Gotham Gal by Joanne Wilson

The Internet: My Fuel for Creativity


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