July & August 2016 Recap

Goodbye summer! Here’s a breakdown of all the classes I took in July & August.


Full Body @ Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp has so many instructors so I enjoyed trying out a few new instructors (new to me). Shannon demonstrated all the moves with excellent forms – I felt like I got a really effective workout in. Matty’s music was on point – the music really motivated me while I was on the treadmill and on the floor. Justin introduced me to dynamic mode and some challenging combo moves. I was definitely a sweaty mess in all three classes!

Crank Exhilarate @ Crank NYC

Pro: It takes me less than 5 minutes to walk to this studio. Con: Maybe I clipped into the bike wrong, but I didn’t feel secure on the bike and thought my shoes would unclip (they were moving in all directions). I booked this class last minute because I had to use my final class for the month before going on vacation. I think I was too tired from a week of intense workouts, because I wasn’t really feeling it. The instructor was really positive and had great music, but I probably won’t be back since I don’t feel super comfortable on the bikes and this class is all about choreography (which I’m not a big fan of). IMG_7427.JPG

Signature FHIX @ The Fhitting Room

I love how all the instructors at The Fhitting Room have such different personalities. The classes are structured very well and are super challenging. They’re serious about giving you an awesome working but also provide so much energy and motivation. Eric is hilarious, Farouk & Mat are super down-to-earth, Daury is a tough guy in the best way, & Jason knows which tunes get you working.

NRC Speed Run @ Mile High Run Club, Noho

  • Date: 7/19 and 7/26 (Jes Woods)
  • Booked via: Nike+ NYC

I prioritize this speed run session on my calendar and try to go every Tuesday. I love being able to get 4+ miles in while training to run faster and faster. Jes is super friendly and encouraging – go run with her!


S.A.L.T. @ TMPL Gym

I found Diana on Instagram and love when she posts videos of workout moves. She started teaching a HIIT class at TMPL Gym and invited people to try it out. I love how she used all sorts of props to get us working hard. Barbells, battle ropes, resistance bands, sleds (using step platforms/towels/weights). I gave it my all and was very exhausted by the end of class.

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NTC @ The Sports Center, Chelsea Piers

Why is Nike so fancy? Nike NYC offered some NTC sessions taught by some talented Nike trainers every Monday in August on the roof deck at Chelsea Piers. We got to do workouts (from the NTC app) with a gorgeous view. The classes were pretty HIIT-heavy, and my fave moves were any that involved lifting heavy dumbbell weights. I’m glad that we got to watch the trainers demonstrate all the moves and motivate us throughout the whole workout. I feel more comfortable approaching the workouts in the NTC app.

ASH FIT @ The Sweat Sessions (14th Street Park)

Loved Ashley’s unique class – it was a HIIT session mixed with mobility/stretching and moves inspired martial arts/boxing. While I enjoyed taking a class outdoors, I definitely left the park with a few bug bites…not fun haha. I did get to chat with Ashley after and she is the sweetest thing! I met some other ladies that are into fitness – I just love how friendly the NYC fitness community is.

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A.C.C.E.S.S. @ Bandier Studio B

A.C.C.E.S.S. stands for athletes, connection, core, endurance, strength, stretch. It’s an active recovery class focusing on mobility, dynamic stretching, active flexibility, & core strength. I liked the emphasis on proper form and really stretching everything out. I’ve been trying to stretch more so that my body doesn’t feel too strained.

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FlyBarre @ Flywheel Sports

  • Dates: 8/4, 8/9, 8/19, 8/27 (Arms & Abs, FlyBarre 60, FlyBarre Sport 60 w/ Emily Sferra),  8/12 (FlyBarre 60 w/ Kara Liotta), 8/25 (FlyBarre 60 w/ Brittany Franklin)
  • Booked via: ClassPass or Flywheel

I did a TON of FlyBarre this month. I’m legit obsessed with Emily (as I mentioned in my June recap). She seriously kicks my butt even though I’m barely moving haha. Kara is also amazing – she’s like the queen of FlyBarre. Her moves and transitions flowed so smoothly. I had to take so many breaks, but I definitely enjoyed how challenging her class was. Brittany is very similar in that she made us do some different variations of moves that shocked my body. My inner thighs were on FIRE. I like the different versions of FlyBarre (the arms & abs focused class is great when I want to rest my legs and Sport has some cardio blasts which is a great addition to the barre class).

Full Body, Abs @ Barry’s Bootcamp

Jen was so bubbly throughout the entire class – it kept me alert and pumped, Dagmara got me to hit 11.0 on the tread – props to her (and all instructors) for dealing with such large classes. Noah has to be one of my fave instructors because his runs/floor work are intense but he has be laughing constantly. The day after I took his class, I found out he’s no longer teaching at Barry’s. I’m bummed that I didn’t take more of his classes but excited for his new studio!

TH 101 @ Tone House

OH. MY. OUCH. Tone House is no joke. This really is the most difficult class in NYC. The warm-up leaves me breathless. I took TH 101 (the beginning class) and I think one girl gave up in the first half of class because she was not having a good time. It was pretty challenging. But I love it. Even though I’m legit scared of “gallops” (why does that move even exist?) & ask myself why I want to put myself through such torture every time I book a class, I go back. I feel so accomplished after a Tone House session (I made it alive!) and respect all the instructors and other students who are serious about their workouts.

NRC Speed Run @ Mile High Run Club, Noho

  • Date: 8/16, 8/23, and 8/30 (Jes Woods)
  • Booked via: Nike+ NYC

Yay for confidence in just a sports bra, free ice cream after 5 miles, & prepping for the 5th avenue mile!

Signature FHIX @ The Fhitting Room

I’ve discovered my fit-mate HAHA just kidding. But seriously, I’m obsessed with Dennys. He was so welcoming and friendly when I first met him and now he always greets me with a hug and asks how I’m doing. He pushes me harder because he knows I’m stronger than I think I am. Love his energy!

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NTC & The Fhitting Room @ Unlimited NYC (Citi Summer Streets)

When I saw that Nike and The Fhitting Room were partnering up, I signed up for the session right away! Nike shut down 51st St/Park Ave and featured a bunch of the city’s best fitness studios throughout the day. The workout started with some NTC moves led by Kirsty & Isabelle. After a pretty intense “warm-up”, Dennys & Ben kept the intensity going – there were definitely a lot of push-ups, jumps, & burpees involved.

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Fly 45 @ Flywheel Sports

My last spin class before this one was in late June, and I was struggling. I think my body has gotten used to HIIT & barre, so it’s no longer used to spinning a million miles a day (lols). Lyonel was cheering us all on and had some great classic tunes that kept me going. Don’t get me wrong, I was still having a hard time (especially because the torqboard makes me super competitive, but I was nowhere near the top). I did my best to forget about the numbers and focus more on having a good ride.

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