June 2016 Recap

A mighty hot summer means mostly indoor workouts + four fun (but blazing) races with NYRR in June. Here’s a recap of all my workouts for the month!

Runs (hover over photos for dates & mileage):


Total Body (Instructor in Training – Free Class) @ Brooklyn Bodyburn, Williamsburg

  • Dates: 6/1/16 and 6/3/16
  • Instructor: Hannah Hildreth
  • Booked via: Brooklyn Bodyburn

When I saw that Brooklyn Bodyburn had a bunch of free classes with a new instructor in training, I booked as many as I could fit in my schedule. Hannah is super friendly and has a bubbly personality. I’ve gotten used to quick transitions during Megaformer classes, so I felt a bit stuck when Hannah would change her mind about the move we were doing or explain it in a confusing way. I still felt like I got an amazing workout both days! I haven’t gone back after Hannah’s classes – mostly due to how far the studio is (as I’ve mentioned in my last recap) and it’s really difficult to snag a spot via ClassPass.

Pure Barre (Grand Opening Free Class) @ Pure Barre, Tribeca

  • Date: 6/2/16
  • Instructor: Nicole Picard
  • Booked via: Pure Barre

I was browsing the ClassPass hashtag on Instagram when I came across the Pure Barre Tribeca account. There were a few posts about free classes since the studio was opening on June 1st. I think it’s a good workout (judging from previous Pure Barre classes I took back in California), so I was curious to try a class here in NYC. Tribeca is about 40 minutes away from me by train, and I was almost late to class (I always freak out when this happens haha). But I made it! Nicole is wonderful. All the other Pure Barre instructors I’ve taken haven’t seemed very approachable or friendly. She was cheerful and really nice when she made adjustments. She came over to me towards the beginning of class to ask my name and mostly cheered me on (not excessively like some instructors tend to do at some classes, she seemed genuine!). Even though there are studios closer to me (I’ll talk about another Pure Barre class I took this month later on), I’d probably travel down to the Financial District to take another Pure Barre class with her!

Arms & Abs @ Barry’s Bootcamp, Tribeca

  • Date: 6/6/16
  • Instructor: Rebecca Kennedy
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I heard how hard it is to get into a Barry’s Bootcamp class on ClassPass, and dang it’s war at noon. I got myself into a 10:45am class (thank goodness I can make those off-peak times) and mentally prepared myself for what would be a very challenging class. I really don’t like running on a treadmill, but something about the atmosphere of the studio (with the instructor and fellow classmates) got me pumped. I think it’s crazy that people sprint at 10-12mph like it’s nothing. I used to be terrified about sprinting at 9mph. And I love the switch between the treadmill and the floor – my body definitely feels the burn. When Rebecca told us to pick up heavy weights, I wimped out and picked weights that I knew I’d be comfortable with. During the second session on the floor, I decided to challenge myself with heavier weights. We’re stronger than we think we are!


  • Date: 6/7/16
  • Instructor: Jamie Lugo
  • Booked via: ClassPass

This studio is a cute place in Chinatown (a bit far from me though). Jamie was very chill and laid-back and took us through a nice, challenging flow. I like how they provide you with yoga mats. With my 10 classes/month, I don’t see myself using my classes on yoga studios. I know I should find a balance between intense cardio/spinning/HIIT bootcamps and stretching/Pilates/yoga, but I think I’ll rely on practicing yoga in the comfort of my own home with Yoga with Adriene playing on my laptop.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Butt & Legs @ Barry’s Bootcamp, Chelsea

  • Date: 6/7/16
  • Instructor: Alycia Stevenin
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Oh man, my butt was in pain for days after this class. When we had to go back on the treadmill after the first floor session, I actually thought my butt was broken and that I wouldn’t be able to run. Alycia is small, but she totally commands the room. She knows her shit and pushes us to sprint crazy and lift heavy. I felt like I worked out my absolute hardest during that class – sweat was flying everywhere haha.


SLT (Instructor in Training – Free Class) @ SLT, Flatiron

  • Date: 6/8/16 and 6/20/16
  • Instructor: N/A
  • Booked via: SLT

It looks like Brooklyn Bodyburn and SLT are the only Megaformer studios in NYC, so I was interested in trying SLT. The studio isn’t on ClassPass and costs $40/class, so I wanted to scope out a community class first. I got one of my best friends, Miki, to take a class with me and try the Megaformer for the first time. This studio has the older version of the Megaformer (not sure of the exact model), but it made me realize how much the improvements on the newer machines make the workout more seamless. The two instructors I took were very positive, but I didn’t feel like I was getting a crazy, intense workout in both times. It’s still a great workout (especially for the core) and I highly recommend taking Megaformer classes, but I wouldn’t say the particular classes I took would be worth $40.


Fly 45 @ Flywheel Sports, Tribeca

  • Date: 6/9/16
  • Instructor: Holly Rilinger
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Holly is amazing. She’s so friendly & motivational with an inspirational bod to boot! I’m trying to take classes at all the different Flywheel studios in NYC to see which one(s) I like and which instructors I want to go back to. I probably won’t venture out to the Tribeca studio again, but I’d love to take another one of Holly’s classes!

FlyBarre 60 @ Flywheel Sports, Upper East Side

  • Date: 6/10/16
  • Instructor: Daniella Ortega
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Oh man, where has FlyBarre been all my life. Seriously, I think I’ve found the “one”. This studio makes me forget about all the other barre studios out there. My only issue is that we only get 3 visits per studio a month via ClassPass, and FlyBarre and Flywheel both count as Flywheel Sports. Even though Flywheel was my first love (in terms of fitness classes haha), I have to say that I’ve enjoyed my two FlyBarre experiences more than my few Flywheel classes in NYC. I definitely think community and instructors have a huge impact on my experience. I absolutely loved the instructors, front desk, & community back at Flywheel Sunnyvale, so it’s hard adjusting to the atmosphere at Flywheel studios in NYC. There are SO many instructors and you mostly likely don’t see the same students in the classes you take. The instructor, Daniella, told us that this was going to be a hard class and she was right. I sometimes worry that a barre class might be a bit boring and not challenging enough, but I was shaking the whole time.

Fly 45 @ Flywheel Sports, East 60th

  • Date: 6/14/16
  • Instructor: Jen Percival
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I took a Flywheel class with my friend, Maryann (who I met during a Peloton class in May). We took a morning class with Jen who had some amazing tunes and such great energy. Before class started, a girl was actually spinning a bit too hard (warming up?), and her foot somehow slipped out of her shoe. The part of the bike where you clip in was still turning pretty fast and hit her foot so she had to sit out. I was pretty far back and saw this happen, but I was shocked that the people on the bikes RIGHT NEXT TO HER didn’t say or do anything…someone two seats over clipped out of their bike to go see if she was okay. Other than that encounter, I did find myself going a bit too hard (that torqboard really gets to me). I felt pretty dizzy after class and for a few hours afterwards. I should probably tone it down. East 60th is a beautiful studio though! I’d probably travel just a few blocks more to take my Flywheel classes at this studio rather than the one on East 67th (Upper East Side studio).

Abs @ Barry’s Bootcamp, Noho

  • Date: 6/16/16
  • Instructor: Noah Neiman
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty scared about taking Noah’s class. Don’t judge a book by its cover though – he’s a really muscular dude, but he’s not intimidating at all! He’s a funny guy and was joking around for the whole class. I was having so much fun that I didn’t realize how torturous the sprints and ab work were. Abs is my least favorite part to workout because it hurts so bad haha. My favorite part was doing burpees – I love them so much. I’m hoping to get into another one of his classes soon. I also like the Noho studio out of all their locations (besides Upper East Side which isn’t on ClassPass) because it’s the easiest one to get to.


FlyBarre 60 @ Flywheel Sports, Upper East Side

  • Date: 6/21/16
  • Instructor: Emily Sferra
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Emily is BOSS. I don’t know how she was demonstrating almost every single move with amazing form and so much passion and energy. She would go around to every single person in the room to make sure they were doing the moves right and pushing them to work even harder. She made the class fun, sweaty, and the hour just flew by. She is the main reason why I’ll be buying a 5-class pack at Flywheel and I’ll probably use all of my credits on her FlyBarre classes!


Chest, Back & Abs @ Barry’s Bootcamp, Chelsea

  • Date: 6/22/16
  • Instructor: Alycia Stevenin
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I wanted to take the Chest, Back & Abs class because I want to give more love (aka build more strength) to other parts of my body. My butt & legs get too much love and attention already. Alycia encouraged us to lift heavy – I find myself reaching for heavier weights more often (in and out of Barry’s) to challenge myself more and I feel more confident. I must have done a gazillion rows during class. After class, we had more fun with a mini photo shoot (here are two out of the dozen shots we took)!

Fly 60 @ Flywheel Sports, Lincoln Square

  • Date: 6/23/16
  • Instructor: Lissa Smith
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Seriously, where do all these instructors get their energy? I’ve heard great things about Lissa, so I finally booked a 60 minute class with her and sweated like a maniac throughout the entire class. She was very welcoming and we chatted a bit before and after class. I love when instructors are genuinely interested in getting to know you. Bonus: the bikes have your name on them (it’s the little things that get me).

LOVE is LOVE Signature FHIX @ The Fhitting Room, 67th Street Penthouse

  • Date: 6/25/16
  • Instructors: Ben Wegman & Amanda Butler
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I’ve seen a lot of rave reviews about The Fhitting Room and how hard it is to get into a class. I was also terrified that I was going to have a hard time because the class is difficult. I was able to get into a noon class on Saturday. I really like how the classes max out at 24 people and that there are 2 instructors. It’s amazing that they coordinate the class so well and complement each other. When I first saw Ben and Amanda, I thought “whoa they’re pretty” LOL, but they knew their stuff and demonstrated the moves well. We did a warmup, 2 rounds of a circuit, and a FHIX/AMRAP at the end (where you do certain moves as many times as you can for a certain length of time). The circuit involved dumbbell chest presses, ladder drills, ski erg, seated box jumps, and rope pulls (those kettlebells tied to the ropes were heavy!). I’m also terrified of box jumps, so I took a kettlebell and did step ups on the boxes instead. Overall, I’m in love with the studio and plan on using up my 3 visits every month.

Flex Pilates + Citibike Ride (Free) @ Flex Studios, Noho

  • Date: 6/27/16
  • Instructor: Mary Wolff
  • Booked via: Flex Studios

I heard that Flex Pilates (with the reformer machine) used to be offered on ClassPass but not anymore. Now they have a class where it’s 30 minutes of barre and 30 minutes on the reformer. The studio posted about a free Flex Pilates class and Citibike ride with Mary Wolff, so I booked a spot immediately. The machines they have look very sleek and Mary got us through us a hard workout. I haven’t been on a bike since I was 10 years old, so I was pretty scared about riding one in NYC. After the initial terror and pedaling for 10 minutes, I  felt at peace coasting on a bike through downtown NYC and the East River. What was supposed to be a 30 minute bike ride turned into almost an hour long bike ride, but I had a blast! We ended up at Juice Press and I had the D-Tox Super Smoothie (coconut water, coconut meat, acai berry, agave, cacao, vanilla, mint, cashew, avocado, coconut oil + a banana), which I devoured within a few minutes. Definitely one of the best Monday afternoons I’ve had in a while!

Pure Barre @ Pure Barre, Upper East Side – Lexington & 88th

  • Date: 6/28/16
  • Instructor: Catherine Helm
  • Booked via: ClassPass

After taking a great class a Pure Barre Tribeca, I wanted to try a class at the studio near my apartment. It took less than 10 minutes for me to walk to this studio (score!). I did get a decent sweat in and Catherine was very knowledgable, but I got the same vibe with her as I’ve done with previous instructors back in California. They’re not very approachable and move through the moves so quickly that you’re not sure you’re doing them right. Pure Barre moves super fast. I’m also not fond of the atmosphere & didn’t feel an uplifting vibe. I may go back since the studio is so close to try a class with a different instructor and if I haven’t maxed out my 10 classes a month at my faves (Barry’s, Fhitting Room, Flywheel/FlyBarre)

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

NRC Speed Run @ Mile High Run Club, Nomad

  • Date: 6/28/16
  • Instructor: Jes Woods
  • Booked via: Nike+ NYC

It’s so hard to book a run via Nike+ NYC (free sessions with Nike Run Club), especially when the sessions are at Mile High Run Club. Go Nike for offering so many runs (around NYC and at this studio). I’ve been looking forward to taking a class with Jes, so I was excited when I was able to get into the NRC Speed Run for Wednesday night. The Nomad studio is larger than the Noho one. The treadmills had towels with Nike+ NYC and we were given pace cards to help us know how fast we should be running. I now know that I can make it 45+ minutes on the treadmill! The atmosphere was great – music was loud, neon lights were flashing, shirts were flying (don’t worry, just the dudes lol), and the “pacers” were going around the room giving high fives. I look forward to attending more of these sessions so I can continue working on my speed!

Signature FHIX @ The Fhitting Room, Flatiron

  • Date: 6/30/16
  • Instructors: Eric Salvador & Julia Avery
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Eric and Julia are amazing. I couldn’t stop admiring them when they were demonstrating the moves. They made everything look so easy. Julia actually just moved out of NYC, so this was one of her last classes. I’m glad I was able to take a class with her before she left. Eric (Fhitting Room Head Instructor) is hilarious. He was joking around a lot but also went around keeping everyone motivated. I grabbed heavy kettlebells during the FHIX segment at the end and he was watching me to make sure I was doing the move correctly. I said that I needed a lighter set and he jetted across the room to get me lighter ones. I really appreciated that. The circuit involved 2 rounds of sit-ups, row machine/ski erg, seated box jumps, rope pulls, push-ups/shoulder taps & ladder drills. As someone who always said no to box jumps, I was motivated by watching everyone else do it and discovered that it’s not that terrifying. It’s such a great, explosive move and I feel so badass every time I do it. I’ve already booked my next Fhitting Room class with Eric and I can’t wait!




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