NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K 2016 Race Recap

June has been packed with fun races! Last Saturday, I ran the Queens 10K at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. This was my first time running the Queens 10K and running on new terrain was refreshing.


I woke up at 5:30am (I’m always paranoid about waking up late and missing a race) and started to get ready to make the journey to Queens. Dan said he’d come with me to the race to cheer me on, so I woke him up at 6:45am. We left at 7am for the 6 train and took it down to 42nd st to take the 7 train across. I really had to pee since we left 42nd st, so I was thankful that there was a bathroom at the Mets-Willets Point station (score!). Plus the lines for the bathroom at the park entrance and the porta potties near the start were insane – glad I got to avoid those. I dropped off Dan at the start line while I trekked to my corral.


According to NYRR, it was 66 degrees with 59% humidity, but it felt a million times hotter. During the Mini 10K, I only had water at the last station. This time, I think I stopped at 3  or 4 stations for water/Gatorade. Thank goodness the course was mostly flat. Here are my splits (according to my Nike+ Running App):

2016 Queens 10K.png

Official splits (compared to the Mini 10K I ran the week before):

5K: 0:29:34 (Mini 10K: 0:29:17)
Final: 0:59:31 (Mini 10K: 1:01:39)
Avg. Pace: 09:35 (Mini 10K: 09:56)


Comparing my splits, I ran miles 1-4 faster at the Mini 10K, but I ran miles 5-6 faster at the Queens 10K. This was partly due to my motivation to get sub-1 hour. At the beginning of the race, I thought I wasn’t going to finish in less than an hour because I didn’t think I’d keep up my pace through the heat. The first 3 miles for me during any run is always the hardest. I start a run thinking “ugh why am I doing this?” but then I start to feel good around mile 4. I re-evaluated how I felt mentally and physically around mile 4/5 and decided that I could push myself harder. I spotted Dan near the finish line, and seeing him made me so happy. I bolted to the finish line and felt proud when I looked down at my watch and saw 59:32 (official time: 59:31).

I wanted nothing more than to leave the park and go home to shower. Once I found Dan, he said “I knew you’d get under an hour!” and gave me a big hug. I run races alone, but I love having Dan there for me at the end of a race. The love and support lifts me up when all I want to do is pass out on the ground.

Mini sob story: I went to the NYRR Annex on Monday to get my medal engraved with my name and time (so cool of them to do that). I went to pick it up on Tuesday afternoon, but when the girl handed me my medal, it had someone else’s name/time on it. She checked that person’s bag to see if their medal had my name/time, but nope. I was really bummed about it (I was already having a stressful day), but the girl said they would give me a new medal with the right info. I have yet to receive it, but hopefully soon so that all my medals can hang out in my drawer together lols.

Next race: Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M)




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