May 2016 Recap

May was full of running and classes. Here’s a recap of my workouts.

Runs (hover over photos for dates & mileage):


Mixed Level @ The Bar Method, Midtown

  • Date: 5/12/16
  • Instructor: Kristin Kelleher
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I love it when barre classes are challenging. I took a class with the owner, Kristin. She was great at giving personal attention to each person and pushed each of us to work harder. She made us do so many push-ups, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Fly 45 @ Flywheel Sports, Upper East Side

  • Date: 5/15/16
  • Instructor: Emily Burkhardt
  • Booked via: Flywheel

I’ve been raving about Flywheel constantly to Dan (the bf) and he finally agreed to take a class with me (since your 1st class is free). I’ve been following Emily on Instagram for a while and decided to book a class with her for Sunday afternoon. While I think Emily is an awesome instructor (she’s super upbeat and motivating), I can’t stand the Upper East Side studio. I don’t know if it was just the day we went, but the studio smelled so bad. It’s very small (going to the brand new studio at Astor in April certainly spoiled me), so it felt very crowded/stuffy. There were two older men in front of me and I swear their sweat flew at me and made it smell worse. I love Flywheel, but I don’t plan on booking a Flywheel class there again (even though this studio is the closest to me). I’ll go there to take Flybarre (which I’ll talk about in my June recap), but I’ll travel to further studios to get my Flywheel fix.

45 Metrics @ Peloton, Chelsea

  • Date: 5/17/16
  • Instructor: Robin Arzon
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I read rave reviews about Peloton and Robin, so I booked one of her classes. If I had to describe her in one word, it’d be fierce. She’s hilarious and has no filter. I felt intimidated at first, but she had me laughing throughout class and pushed me extra hard. The studio is gorgeous – there’s a lounge outside of the studio with a cafe. I made some new friends as well (always a plus)!

DASH 28 @ Mile High Run Club, Noho

  • Date: 5/19/16
  • Instructor: Elizabeth Corkum
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I’m not a huge fan of running on the treadmill, but I like being told what to do by a coach who knows what they’re talking about. The ambiance is cool – slightly dark studio with colored lights, runners all around you, loud music, & a motivating coach. They have new Nike shoes you can test out (I think I tried the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit). It was cool to try them out, but I like my trusty old Asics better. I enjoyed the format of the class (DASH 28). We ran intervals for 28 minutes and about 10 minutes of strength training (with kettle bells). I’m bad at doing intervals on my own, so having someone tell me what speed to run at for a certain length of time makes it easier. They also offer HIGH 45 (45 minutes of running) and THE DISTANCE (60 minutes of running), which I have yet to try. I think I’ll stick with DASH 28 because I like the strength training segment at the end. If I wanted to run for more than 45 minutes, I’d probably take it outdoors.

Total Body @ Brooklyn Bodyburn, Williamsburg

  • Date: 5/25/16
  • Instructor: Bianca Vesco
  • Booked via: ClassPass

Oh how I love the Megaformer. I’m actually surprised that NYC aka the mecca of fitness studios only has two Megaformer studios (Brooklyn Bodyburn and SLT NYC). I feel like I had so many studios around me back home in the Bay Area. Bianca is intense – she made us do mountain climbers on the machine (which I thought was so dangerous haha) and all sorts of moves that had me falling.  Her class was probably the most challenging Megaformer class I’ve ever taken. I was sore for days. The studio is pretty far though, so I probably won’t be able to go back as much as I’d want to. Also, these classes fill up on ClassPass within seconds. The only way I got into her class was because someone canceled the night before.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Tribe Ride (Free) @ Cyc Fitness, Astor

  • Date: 5/26/16
  • Instructor: Christine Abramo
  • Booked via: Christine

I’ve heard great things about Cyc, so when I noticed a lot of new instructors having tribe rides (aka free classes), I got excited. I messaged Christine on Instagram and she added me to one of her classes. Cyc Astor is located inside the DavidBartonGym at Astor Place. When I walked downstairs to the studio, Christine spotted me and gave me a huge hug. I love when instructors are so friendly! She also gave me a shout out at the beginning of class welcoming me to my first Cyc ride. Even though Cyc doesn’t have screens/bikes that measure your stats, the vibe of the class was awesome. The music was on point and blasting – it really put everyone in the mood. For someone who is super competitive and into the stats at Flywheel, it was so liberating not to have to think about my numbers. The weights portion was interesting – you use soft beanbag-like weights and do boxing/swimming-ish moves. Towards the end of class, Christine shut off the lights and it was pitch black. That was my favorite part of class. I haven’t been back to Cyc since then, but writing this review makes me want to go back haha!

RH Community Class 50 (Free) @ Row House, Columbus Circle

  • Date: 5/27/16
  • Instructor: Melissa Welch
  • Booked via: Row House

I always thought rowing was intimidating. I don’t have the strongest upper body, so I thought I’d have a hard time getting into it. I thought Melissa’s community class was a great chance for me to take my first rowing class. It was definitely an ordeal getting to class. The 6 train was majorly delayed so I got off the train at 59th st/Lexington ave and instead of transferring, I RAN to 11th ave (nine avenues over/1.5 miles). I was very sweaty when I arrived 5 minutes before class started. Melissa introduced me to the machine and I spent most of the class watching her and another girl in the front row. I think rowing makes me feel super badass (am I Frank Underwood now? just kidding…). I liked how we alternated between rowing & floor exercises (burpees, pushups, squats, ab exercises, etc.). If/when I go back to Row House, it’ll be to the studio near me (Upper East Side)!

45 Live DJ @ Peloton, Chelsea

  • Date: 5/27/16
  • Instructor: Robin Arzon
  • Booked via: ClassPass

I definitely wanted to take another class with Robin and thought the “Live DJ” ride would be a fun way to spend my Friday night. Man the trains do not like me. I left 45 minutes before class, but the 6 and M trains were delayed. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take the subway at 5pm (high traffic time). While the train was stuck at a station, I called the studio to ask if I’d be let in late and the guy told me they had a strict 3 minute policy. They’d let me ride on the bike in the lounge (which sounded super awkward haha). I was pretty bummed, but as soon as I got off the M train, I bolted to the studio and made it within the 3 minutes after class mark. I felt a bit flustered, which made me not enjoy the class as much I as I wanted to, but I still got a great workout in!

barre3 Community Class (Free) @ barre3, West Village

  • Date: 5/30/16
  • Instructor: Kelly Ramis
  • Booked via: barre3

barre3 was my jam back home (shout out to Los Altos and San Mateo). I just didn’t feel a good vibe with the class/studio in the West Village. Kelly gave us a challenging workout, but I think I checked out of class when I noticed the studio manager sitting in the corner on his phone. He did the warm-up moves with us, and then spent the rest of class watching. I understand that he had to observe the class since Kelly is a new instructor, but that kind of made me zone out. I was bored and looked at the clock a lot. I might try another class here in the future, but the studio is a bit too far. I’ll probably end up taking a barre class at a barre studio closer to me.


I’m having so much fun running races and trying out a bunch of NYC studios & instructors! Let me know if you have any recommendations. I’ll be sure to post my June recap a lot sooner than I posted this one. 🙂


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