Airbnb Brooklyn Half 2016 Race Recap

I ran my second Brooklyn Half on Saturday, May 21st.

Back in January, I already knew I was moving back to New York in the spring and wanted to run the Brooklyn Half. I was ready to sign up just before 9am (Pacific time) and snagged a spot in the race. The race sold out in less than an hour! When I ran the Brooklyn Half in 2013, I signed up a week before the race (very last minute decision).

I originally planned on training for this race, but I became very addicted to Flywheel Sports (spinning studio) and took advantage of their $100/unlimited month deal for February. In the span of 33 days, I took 28 classes (yes I’m crazy). I ran a few times in February, but Flywheel definitely overshadowed running. I did more Flywheel, some barre3, and classes/couple runs with my best friend in March, and then moved to NYC in April. There’s just something about NYC that makes running such an adventure for me. I love discovering new areas to run, so I spent early May going on a number of runs to re-familiarize myself with the city. I love that we live close to Central Park – there’s so much of it to explore.

I went to the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Pre-Party on the Wednesday before the race. There was a city stoop, swings, lounge chairs, hammock – fun for those who wanted to enjoy the nice weather. I had to get back to work, so I went in to get my bib, shirt (customized with my last name), bought running gels, enjoyed some free coffee, snapped pics, and then bounced! I also got a Brooklyn Half pint glass for being one of the first 50 NYRR members at the party (yay for swag!).

The night before the race, I set my alarm to 4:45am to give myself plenty of time to get ready in the morning. I got dressed, had yogurt, and left at 6am to catch the subway. It’s always great seeing fellow runners sporting their bibs on the train. While I waited for the race to start, I ate a Clif Bar around 7:30am.

It was so crowded at the start line. Here’s what the corrals looked like when I ran the race in 2013 vs 2016:

I was in Wave 2, which started at 7:45am. I crossed the start line around 8:10am.

The Brooklyn Half 2013 was my first race and half marathon, so I felt comfortable running a familiar course. The race started next to Prospect Park and we ran a few miles through the park. The park contained the “hilly” part of the course, which wasn’t super hilly (compared to San Francisco hills…oh boy). The rest of the course involved running down Ocean Parkway until Coney Island. I had an energy gel at mile 6 and instantly felt rejuvenated. They were handing out gels at mile 8, so I had another. I drank water/Gatorade at every single stop until the 10 mile mark, when I got the urge to go to the bathroom. I’m notorious for hitting up the bathroom frequently, so I’m proud that I ran the whole race without a bathroom break!

Dan (the bf) was at the finish line to congratulate me, snap post-race photos, and then we were off to brunch!

Here’s my post-race photo in 2013 (left) and my post-race photo this year (right).

And I couldn’t resist taking a photo in front of this beautiful/colorful mural.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here are my splits this year compared to when I ran it in 2013.

5K: 0:30:24 (2013: 0:32:33)
10K: 1:03:25 (2013: 1:06:20)
15K: 1:36:29 (2013: 1:39:34)
20K: 2:10:03 (2013: 2:09:14)

Final: 2:16:57 (2013: 2:15:05)
Avg. Pace: 0:10:27 (2013: 0:10:20)

I spent the rest of Saturday recovering in bed with Netflix. I was definitely sore and my knees felt slightly uncomfortable (I’ve never experienced knee pain), but I felt fine the next day. I got my medal engraved on Monday. Yes, it’s slightly crooked and my OCD had a hard time dealing with it initially haha. But It’s pretty cool that NYRR engraves medals (for certain races) now!


June is going to be a busy month in terms of running! I’m running the NYRR Retro 4-Miler, NYRR New York Mini 10K, NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K, & Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M).

I also reactivated ClassPass in May, so I’ve been taking a few classes here and there. I’m excited to mix up studio classes with running. Cheers to an active 2016!



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