January 2016 Recap: ClassPass

Better late than never! I won a month of ClassPass in January, and decided to take a class every single day. After a few months of no exercise, it was just what I need to get back into my workout groove. Here were my stats at the end of the month:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.03.03 PM

Days 1, 7, 28: The Dailey Method

I hit up the Willow Glen location (gorgeous studio) twice and the Los Gatos location once. I never took a barre class before, so my first class was a bit confusing for me. The instructors for my first two classes were okay. It was a good workout, but not as challenging as I like my workouts to be. I really enjoyed my last class there. The instructor led us in a workout that kept me entertained (and shaking) for a the whole hour.

Days 2, 16, 26: Flywheel Sports

I LOVE this place. The instructors are so motivating. The classes are the perfect length (they have 45 min & 60 min classes). They have two screens in the front of the class that display the “TorqBoard”, which ranks the whole class (those who opted in) based on the power they have. Power is calculated by your resistance (Torq) and RPM. Bikes have a “Tech Pack” next to them where you can see your numbers. So the instructors tell you how much Torq you should have and what your RPM should look like – simple, love it. Your stats get saved at the end of class in your account so you can keep track of all your activity online. The amenities are great. Free towels, water, and post-workout fruit. They have really nice showers as well. I like this place so much that I got a one month membership and have been going 6 times a week.

Days 3, 30: Revelry Indoor Cycling & Fitness

I took two different classes here. The first one was RevBody (spin class). The instructor led a great class, but after taking Flywheel, I wanted to be able to see my numbers. The second class was REVformer Basics. Besides Flywheel, I’ve become obsessed with the Megaformer. I really like that this studio is a less than 10-minute walk from work!

Days 4, 13, 15: Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a pretty challenging barre workout. My first class was a bit confusing though. I didn’t understand the concept of “tucking”. The instructor kept coming over to me to help me with form which I appreciated, but she taught the class at such a fast pace, I wasn’t sure I was doing anything right. My second class was my favorite, but the instructor wasn’t very friendly outside of class. I like chatting up with instructors and fellow students when I take classes, but I didn’t feel that the people at these studios were friendly. The front desk girl at Los Gatos was super chill though!

Days 5, 22, 29: barre3

If Flywheel is my #1, barre3 is my #2. I got a nice sweat going on at every class and I definitely felt the shakes at the bar. The instructors and other classmates were friendly, which made me want to come back for more! It’s a bit far from my house (25 minute drive), but it was the only barre3 on ClassPass and I felt it was worth the drive.

Days 6, 11, 25: Live Lotus

I took Vinyasa Flow and Power Vinyasa Flow. When I run, I tend not to stretch (bad Michelle). After taking so many yoga classes this month, I’ve learned how important it is to balance out the cardio and aerobic movement with slow/strength moves and stretching. The studio space is nice and cozy. They have cubbies, showers, yoga props, and mats to use for free.

Day 8: CorePower Yoga

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI took Yoga Sculpt aka heated power yoga with weights. It was mighty hot in there. According to the site, the heat is at 92-95 degrees. The site describes the class: “You’ll combine free weights with C2 sequencing and cardio to intensify each pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls.” When I read that, I was pumped. I did Bikram yoga a lot in high school and I oddly enjoyed it. But after not practicing hot yoga for about 7 years, yoga in a heated room is a bit of a struggle. I think I prefer doing yoga now at room temperature. 🙂 I’m bummed I didn’t get to go to this studio again. I went to the Almaden location because it offered the Yoga Sculpt class. The Campbell location (very close to me) only offered the beginning yoga classes or Hot Power Fusion at 7:30 AM on ClassPass, which I couldn’t fit into my schedule. The studio does have a one week free deal that I may sign up for!

Days 9, 27, 29: Burn Pilates

If we’re keeping score, I rank Burn #3 (after Flywheel & barre3). 55 minutes of cardio, weights, and pilates. There are tons of HIIT moves, which I love. The two instructors I took were upbeat and positive, which made me excited to be there. They also pushed us to do lots of challenging sequences. My last class (with Aurora Ramirez) was an evening class, and she made it extra hard by having us use weights for majority of the class. I definitely appreciate a good challenge and I hope I get to go back to this studio soon!

Days 10, 17: Core Studio

Ah my first megaformer class. The machine may look a bit scary (it looks like it has a face haha), but once I got the hang of it, it was a [sweaty] blast! The instructor (Emily) gave me a quick introduction to the megaformer before class and during class she commented: “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” and “I can tell you workout.” which boosted my confidence and made me work harder. My second class was with Hannah. I sweated and struggled majorly. Her voice was so soft and soothing, but in an assertive way (if that even makes sense). Somehow it made the class really listen and do what she said, despite how painful it was…SORCERY haha.

Day 12: Core MOcean

The megaformer obsession is real. This was my 2nd megaformer class. I took the 7am class to start my day off on a torturous note. The studio is a nice 10 minute drive from home, which made it that much easier to get my butt up, out of bed and moving! I also took a Flywheel Sports class that evening. When you first sign up for an account on their site, they automatically add a free credit to your account. 🙂

Day 14: Barry’s Bootcamp

We might as well have a Top 5 list. #4 is Barry’s Bootcamp. It’d probably be higher up on my list if it was CLOSER. I only got to go to this location because I tagged along with my mom and brother to drop him off at his dorm (near the studio). You know I love HIIT, so I was excited for the intervals between running (on the treadmill) and strength work (on the floor). However, despite how much I love running and fancy treadmills, I very much disliked running on the treadmill here. When we got to the floor, I was 10x happier! All the people who go here are pretty ripped (at least in my opinion haha), so it was motivating to watch them workout super hard. I like insane workouts like this, so I’d go back if it was at a more convenient location. They have a nice locker room with Malin & Goetz products in the shower, so I left the studio squeaky clean. I wasn’t going to get their $8 protein shake (my wallet says ouch), but I was pretty dizzy after the workout, so I decided to try their popular PB&J shake. All my fave ingredients in a delicious smoothie. I didn’t get a picture of it because it was gone in less than 5 minutes! 🙂

Days 18, 20, 23: Imago Fitness

For some odd reason, you can’t find this studio on the regular ClassPass “Classes” search page. I would never have found this gem if I hadn’t switched to the studio/map view! The studio offers group classes called SYNERGY, which include fat blasting circuits. I took Thursday’s “Curve Carver” (lower body), Saturday’s “Total Body Burn”, and Tuesday’s “Strong n’ Sculpt” (upper body). After my first class (lower body), my butt and legs were in major pain and I had trouble walking for a few days. The instructor, Charlene came up with new, tough moves for us to work through, which made all the classes interesting.

Day 19: Pilates ProWorks

What a cute little studio! They offer so many classes on ClassPass, which is a big plus. It was a 10 minute drive from work, but way too far if I took the train from San Mateo to Burlingame, then walked. I was only able to take one class here (my commute/transportation routine is always changing) – the 55 minute Pilates Pro class. Pilates ProWorks designed their own machine known as the FitFormer. According to them, it allows for more seamless transitions and it’s longer, wider, and more comfortable. The teacher was great, but I don’t think most of the class knew what they were doing. I like to look at others for help with the current move, but I found myself having to pay very close attention to the instructor to make sure I was doing a move correctly. I also found myself staring at the clock (not a very good sign). When I was leaving, I saw a matBox class going on. This class is 1 part Kickboxing, 1 part Mat Pilates, and 1 part Yoga. If I ever go back to this studio (or another location), I definitely want to try out that class!

Day 21: CORevolution

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI loved the atmosphere and decor of this place. The instructor, Chelsea was very friendly and gave great instructions for beginners and those with more experience. I did go back to this studio to try the Lagree 25/The Ramp class with Andrea, which has the megaformer on an incline and the class is 25 minutes long. Man how do they come up with such torturous yet satisfying workouts? To complete my Top 5 list, CORevolution is #5. Out of all the megaformer studios I tried, this is my favorite. They offer so many class times, the people are nice, and the [two] instructors I had were amazing.

Days 24, 26: Transform Fitness Studio

This Megaformer studio is conveniently located less than 5 minutes from the Mountain View Caltrain. I absolutely loved Andrea’s class. I was sweating in the first few minutes of class because she had us do really difficult moves starting at the back of the machine. She is hilarious, and her stories made the 45 minutes fly by. I mean she still kicked our butts, but at least I was smiling and laughing through it. And yes, on Day 26, I also did a 6AM Flywheel class. Started my day with Flywheel, ended it on the Megaformer. 🙂

Day 30: Nandi Yoga

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWho knew there was a yoga studio so close to the office (10-minute walk)? I found this studio towards the end of the month. I took the noon Ashtanga Vinyasa class. While it was a great way to get moving in the middle of the day, there wasn’t a very peaceful vibe. I really like when yoga studios are a bit dark or dimly lit, but the room was super bright. I also kept looking at the clock in the class.

Day 31: peacebank yoga studio

Started my morning and last day of ClassPass with a Vinyasa Flow class. This studio is right next to the Redwood City Caltrain Station (with a Peet’s Coffee across the street yay!). I like that the room is slightly dimmed and that the instructor was knowledgable and friendly.

ClassPass in the SF Bay Area is $119/month. Taking 34 classes comes out to $3.50 a class – how cool is that?

Starting off 2016 by working out every day and trying new workouts was just what my body needed. I feel badass, strong, and happy after completing a challenging workout, which motivates me to keep it up. As I mentioned earlier, I decided to purchase a one month membership to Flywheel Sports. It’s $100 for your first month, so I couldn’t pass up on such a great offer. I’ve been going nearly every day because I’m so addicted to the studio, the people, and the workout of course! I’m moving back to NYC in April, and once I’m settled in, I plan on signing up for ClassPass. I can’t wait to try out all the amazing studios in my favorite city!


One thought on “January 2016 Recap: ClassPass

  1. Siobhan says:

    This is such a cool roundup of Bay Area studios and we’re so honored CORevolution and our awesome trainers are a part of it! Thank you! So glad you’re obsessed with the Megaformer! You rocked those 30 days, we’ll miss you when you head back East!!

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