Weekly Workout Log 2/8-2/14

Sunday (2/8): Workout w/ Grace!

  1. Cardio Dance Abs Workout: Another suggestion from Grace. Love that dancing makes working out the abs somewhat fun.
  2. Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout: Can you tell I like Blogilates Arm Workouts? This is another one of my favorite arm workouts from her. I really like the compound exercises in the beginning.
  3. Miley Cyrus Workout: Sexy Legs: Grace and I survived this! Leg workouts are the bomb.

Monday (2/9): Back to the Gym! After avoiding it for a long time…

  1. Winter Interval Treadmill Workout: I really don’t like treadmills anymore, but they are good for intervals. It kind of makes them HIIT workouts, balancing out the boredom of the treadmill with torturous fun 🙂
  2. Weights (I know I should focus on one body part per day, but I’m weird and I like to get a mix of everything):
    • Barbell Bent Over Row 40x12x3
    • Barbell Deadlift 40x12x3
    • Barbell Squat: 40x12x3
    • Barbell Upright Row 20x12x3
    • Barbell Curl 20x12x3
    • Barbell Shoulder Press 30x12x1, 30x10x1, 30x8x1
    • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 50x12x3
  3. KettleToning: A blend of yoga, toning, and kettlebells. 35 minutes of sweat. I was surprised at how much I was sweating. And kettlebell workouts are intense. This is one of my new favorite workouts!

Tuesday (2/10): Going to the gym at 9pm on a weeknight is a bad idea. But got to get that workout in!

  1. Stairmaster (because all the treadmills were taken): 1 mile
  2. 10 pound exercises (because all the 12.5-15 pound weights were taken): Bicep Curls, Shoulder Press, Upright Row, Tricep Extensions, Chest Press – 15 to 20 reps per move, 3 sets
  3. Treadmill (finally got to snag one): 2 miles

Wednesday (2/11)

  1. Run (2 miles): To my dad’s office after I got off the train station! So glad to get a workout in right after work before I head home with my dad.
  2. Hump Day HIIT: I did this sometime in the summer and collapsed to the floor with my heart beating so fast because I was so out of shape. Thankfully, that didn’t happen again. The TIU girls do the moves so quickly so I got to keep up!
  3. Bikini Arms Routine: I like to keep them arms moving.

Thursday (2/12)

  1. Run (3 miles): To and around a 24 Hour Fitness near dad’s office. It’s not a very nice gym (the Super Sport ones have spoiled me). This one had a bunch of old equipment, wasn’t very clean, and a random dude chatted me up (awkward) so yeah never going back.
  2. Weights:
    • Dumbbell Extension 15x20x1
    • Barbell Curl 20x15x3
    • Barbell Upright Row 20x15x3
    • Barbell Shoulder Press 20x15x3
    • Barbell Lunge 30x12x3
    • Barbell Squat 30x15x1, 40x10x2
  3. Love Your Arms & Abs with Karena: My favorite move is Perfect Arms – front raise, lateral raise, row, tricep kickback

Friday (2/13)

  1. Run (1 mile): to 24 Hour Super Sport YES going to go possibly every day after work
  2. Weights:
    • Barbell Bench Press 45x15x1, 45x12x2, 45x10x3
    • Machine Fly 40x6x3
    • Dip 60x5x1, 66x6x1, 66x5x1
    • Barbell Lying Tricep Extension 20x6x3
    • Tricep Pushdown (Rope) 40x10x3

Saturday (2/14): Happy Valentine’s Day/Rest Day 🙂


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