Weekly Workout Log 2/1-2/7

I’ve really missed working out daily. Ever since I started working in July last year, I’ve sort of put exercising and eating healthy on the back burner. Now that I’ve settled into a schedule, it’s all about keeping myself motivated! I like how I look and feel when I exercise regularly and eat healthy so I’m pumped! And hopefully writing about my workouts here will also keep me motivated 🙂

Sunday (2/1)

  1. Blogilates 1000 Squat Challenge: I barely made it to 500. I was in so. much. pain.
  2. XHIT Total Arm Workout: My best friend Grace introduced me to XHIT YouTube videos, and I really like the layout. I like how they have the number of reps or seconds and the name of the exercise in the corner. It really helps me keep track and stops me from giving up because it’ll let me know that I only have a few reps left.

Monday (2/2)

  1. Run (6 miles): Ever since I permanently moved home to my parents’ place, I’ve been going to the Los Gatos Creek Trail (a freaking long trail – I don’t know where it starts or ends).I have to run about a mile to get to it which is a great warm-up. It’s my absolute favorite/go-to running route.
  2. IMG_9021Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back + Sleek Shoulders: My favorite Blogilates video! I fell in love with this workout a few years ago, since my favorite parts to workout are my back and shoulders. Cassey has this awesome energy in her videos so she gets me all pumped and excited.

Tuesday (2/3)

  1. Tone It Up: Love Your Total Body: Total body workouts force me to workout everything, especially abs – my least favorite to workout. It hurts. I also really like workouts that focus on two or more parts of your body at once (compound exercises) because it’s more efficient. That Chaturanga move is intense – I can’t wait until I’m pro at it. I always plop down on the floor when you’re supposed to gradually move from plank to ground without touching the ground.
  2. Tone It Up: Bikini Body Routine 2: The girls working out in bikini tops is so cute! My favorite move in this routine is the “Bikini Press” because it works out my arms and booty at the same time. I love it ❤

Wednesday (2/4)

  1. HIIT My Abs Hard: Oh man I love HIIT workouts, especially when I’m short on time. It gets my heart beating like crazy and I sweat like a maniac. Those Split Squat Jumps are killer but so effective. And single-legged burpees? Cassey wants to kill us. I’m weird though – I love burpees.
  2. Train Insane HIIT Workout: I didn’t want to do HIIT My Abs Hard more than once, so I decided to do a different HIIT workout from Cassey. She made us do regular burpees in this one yay. The hardest move for me: Reptile Jumps. After doing all kinds of HIIT moves, ending with that one was rough.
  3. Bikini Blaster 4: Awesomesauce Arms: This is oldie but goodie from Blogilates. When I first started doing Blogilates, I did this workout a lot. It really helped build up my strength and confidence to lift weights back when I was super weak.

Thursday (2/5)

  1. Run (3 miles): All I can say is 5 AM runs are the best.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Friday (2/6) & Saturday (2/7) = Rest Days


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