We Run SF 2014, Part 1 (Pre-Race)

After I ate and drank SF, it’s only fitting I ran SF too.

Back in June, I signed up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I had always wanted to run a Nike race and am not very familiar with the city so I thought it would be amazing to experience 13.1 miles in a city so many are crazy about.

In the beginning of the year, I was a lot more fit, working out regularly and running often. However, when I got a job in July and moved to the East Bay, I had no idea how much commuting and eating at my job would take a toll on me. My commute to work was an hour, I worked late most days, so it was really rough either waking up at 5am to go to the city to run (which I did manage to do for a few days…) and I would be too exhausted when I came home at 7pm. I give major props to the people who make time to work out with their hectic work schedules.

While I enjoyed my job, I ate very unhealthily (free diner food is NOT GOOD FOR YOU) and gained almost ten pounds over my three months there. I realized that the company was not a good fit for me, so I resigned at the end of September.

October 1, I kicked my previous non-existent training into high gear and started to run. And oh man, when you haven’t run in months, it’s so hard. And it hurts. I started out oh so slowly and felt so discouraged about how out of shape I was. Thanks to the Nike+ Running app which motivates me like no other, I got back into the groove fairly quickly (considering I only had 18 days to prepare). I went on lots of hikes – getting lost once and ended up hiking 14 miles.


My beloved Asics GT-2000, which I purchased May 2013, were on the brink of death so I was on the hunt for a new pair. Better late than never right? After spending two hours in the Nike store (THEIR SHOES SO PRETTY), I found myself just not feeling it. Running shoes can be pricey, so putting a lot of thought and effort into making sure they fit and feel right is key. I headed on over to Running Revolution near my parents’ house and man were they helpful. The guy who helped me out (so sad I didn’t get his name) put me on a machine that said I was a size 8, need a wide shoe, and I have a high arch. My old shoes were worn out, too narrow, and too small. He also recorded my running and said I didn’t have an over pronating problem like I had previously been told, I just need to work out my glutes on my right side which may be affecting my running. After trying on a few pairs, I left the store happy with my new pair of Asics GT-2000 2 (same as my old pair woot woot) but in a half size bigger and in a wide size.

Look at them beauties!

Look at them beauties!


Old vs. New!

Any time I was running [miles or errands], I was kicking it in these shoes to break them in. But honestly, these shoes didn’t really need breaking in. I feel amazing running in them and believe they are so worth the investment. I also picked up a Nike+ Sportwatch GPS to further motivate myself and I find it more convenient in logging my runs.


With my upgraded gear and happy self logging in them miles once again, I was off to Race Weekend!


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