Eat Drink SF 2014

Saturday, August 2nd was a major foodie day.

My company sent me (and a friend) to enjoy the grand food festival held at Fort Mason Center. Hannah and I woke up early, dolled ourselves up, and drove up to the city. We arrived 45 minutes before admission, so we stood in the windy weather, playing Two Dots – I got Hannah addicted. If you haven’t played this game, DOWNLOAD IT. I’m a sucker for games with an adorable and well-designed interface. Back to the line – there were some interesting ladies standing behind us who ranted very loudly about their jobs and weddings and significant others – we couldn’t wait to go inside so we didn’t have to listen to these immature “adults” complain.

At 1:10pm, they start to let us in. We moved as quickly as possible, away from the crazies behind us, and my eyes widen at the inside of the venue. A huge array of wine glasses for people to grab and fill up as much as they want. Booths featuring local SF restaurants all along the side and a handful of bars/wineries/plain ol’ alcohol along the middle. It was a beautiful sight. Hannah and I started with a glass of wine, of course. (Please forgive the lack of quality of all pictures in this post – I was more focused on eating than snapping pics!)


I wish I loved wine but my body doesn’t tolerate it very well. A few sips and I’m done. We headed over to a bar serving cocktails with Gentleman’s Jack. I ordered the Lynchburg Lemonade, and that was one of my two favorite drinks of the day.

My second favorite drink was the Blackbeard (rum, blackberries, etc.) from Elixir. After that, any other alcohol I had (including a Japanese whisky mixed with club soda = huge no no) could not satisfy.

Food-wise, majority of the restaurants featured sweet foods – even if they involved meat. I found this rather interesting and rather enjoyable. Except too much of these sweet delectables made my palate go crazy. Sliders and salmon were all the rage at the event too. We went back for seconds of the ravioli at the Ristobar booth.

IMG_7256Some food porn:


But the winner had to be the truffle cheesecake from Twenty Five Lusk. Recipe please!


After 2+ hours of nomming, Hannah and I decided we were done. The event ended at 4pm, but we could not handle any more food in our very full bellies. We grabbed some pork sliders from Pizza Antica, which happened to be our first stop of the day, and left Fort Mason Center a couple pounds heavier and happier!

We ate drank SF. Hard.



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