New Job, New Home, New Responsibilities

July has been an interesting month for me. On July 1st, I got a job doing Marketing & Events for a restaurant group in San Francisco. Seeing as how my parents were moving to a new house which would make the commute almost two hours, I reached out to a family friend (who I had recently met) if I could move into her new home with her, making my commute 40 minutes. She said yes so I packed my things on the fourth of July and moved in July 5th.


My body must have taken quite a toll because during my first week of work, I got incredibly sick. Starting a new job, moving into a new home, and getting up every day at 6am to commute to the city was very new to me. I spent the last 6 months after graduating college living comfortably at home with no responsibility. I am adjusting to the changes and I am going to continue to work my butt off to build a good life for myself.



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