People Who Made an Impact on My College Experience

Since my college graduation is coming up next month (I graduated in January but I’m heading back to New York to participate in the ceremony next month), I wanted to look back on the people who made my college experience.

  1. First College Crush – You confused the heck out of me. You talked to me hours and hours a day and we saw each other almost every day. You cooked for me, consoled me when I was depressed my first semester, adventured with me, took me to church, and prevented me from feeling alone in a new city. But the confusion – I never knew whether you liked me more than a friend because all your friends were girls. You stopped talking to me all of a sudden. You taught me how to not lead someone on and to be up front with someone about how I feel about them. Because as much as I appreciate how good of a friend you were, you frustrated me emotionally to no end.
  2. First Roommate – You taught me how not to treat someone I live with. I can only hope that whoever lives with you can handle you bringing home strangers and letting them use your space. You also showed me what it’s like to be too dependent on other people. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it but asking people to do things you can do on your own…we all have to grow up at some point.
  3. First Best Friend – I met you at freshman orientation. We clicked. We lived one room away from each other. Even though we were super busy with school, you checked up on me in my room to make sure I was being social and not stuck in my room. You taught me how to really care about a person. You taught me how to be really honest. We went through a lot of drama together – way more than I ever experienced in high school. But we got through it by talking everything out. Even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, I’m glad we talk when we can and meet up when we can. I am so proud of you for your achievements and how much you value education. Your success is motivating and I enjoy watching you grow.
  4. First Fellow Interns – I remember our discussions on what we wanted to do and how we wanted to grow eventually in the work force. You girls surprised me with how kind and hard-working you are, helping me and working together to pull off our projects and tasks amazingly. I admire you two for your drive and your hard work. Whenever I have doubts and questions about jobs, I know I can always go to you two for advice.
  5. First Love – To this day, I am in shock that I found you in New York. In a city full of so many people, it’s crazy how we met. We were meant to meet and to be together. As someone who had never had a boyfriend before, I was surprised by how comfortable I felt with you from the get-go and how you made me happy and giggly and nervous. You showed me that men can still be gentlemen and that love can be found in a huge city. You’ve inspired me to work hard and to be a more positive person. You made the end of my college experience so memorable.

These people and definitely more (classmates, professors, friends, my many many roommates, co-workers) have contributed to an unforgettable college experience. They’ve made me smile, laugh, cry, and opened my eyes. No matter the positives and negatives of my time in college in New York, I believe that all the people I encountered really taught me something about myself and have helped me grow. I’m thankful to have met and interacted with so many amazing [yes including the crazy] people. Who’s influenced you during your most confusing and “memorable” years?


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