Valentine’s Day: A reminder to always love

Even though the day has passed, I just wanted to quickly reflect on this past Valentine’s Day. In previous years, I would not really have any feelings about this holiday. I would think “joy it’s the day for lovebirds,” but I was never really bitter about it.

However, now more than ever, social media completely surrounds us. People are consuming content online through endless channels, and it’s hard not to find pictures and posts and articles about any event. I would have to say that this past Valentine’s Day seemed pretty overwhelming with an abundance of posts on what people were receiving from their significant others and to balance out the lovey dovey content, there were obviously many “single awareness, galentine’s” sort of posts. It’s sort of confusing to see posts by girls raving about how awesome it is to be single, especially around Valentine’s Day, and then posting about the gifts they receive from their girlfriends saying how they don’t need men. It kind of makes Valentine’s Day seem not as special for the couples. I’ve been single my whole life until Dan and now that I’m in a relationship, I see how awkward it is to complain about being single to your non-single friends, because there’s nothing you can do, and it sort of makes you feel bad about being with someone when you shouldn’t feel bad for being happy.

I am concerned that as years go by, social media is only going to get crazier and it will seem as if people are overly bragging about their love lives on Valentine’s Day. However, I think this particular holiday is a reminder that love is amazing and should be celebrated all the time. Social media can serve as an archive, so that when you look back, you can remember how great that day (as well as any day) was with your special someone, as well as with your other loved ones.


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